Friday, August 21, 2009

Well hello there

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ok, Rachel, I totally love you. You're like one of my fave present-day actresses. I've even been told I resemble you, but uh... this might be a bit much.

This ensemble would be perfection if there weren't a gaping hole as a neckline down to your belly button! White is divine on you. Those shoulder pads, the long sleeves, the rouching, hair, makeup, shoes - all fab. Just raise the neckline about 3 inches and you've got a winning outfit. But it's ok... I'm certain you will redeem yourself for that neckline soon.

By the way, do you love Rachel more blonde or brunette? I feel like I'm leaning blonde. I think the dark hair kind of washes her out or something. I duno... thoughts?


  1. I love her with strawberry blonde hair! Much younger looking... :)

  2. See...I loved this outfit. She wore it beautifully.

  3. farrah - yes! that's it. she looks younger with lighter hair.

    somedaynewyorker - i agree... she looks beautiful in just about everything she wears. i love everything about it except the neckline... just wish it were just a tad less revealing. :)