Friday, September 11, 2009


A few of my favorite things...
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Here in Maryland we're experiencing a helluva noreaster right now. We're talking constant downpour. As much as I hate rain usually, I must say, I love days like these when the rain just refuses to quit. I'd much rather it rain heavily all day than rain for a bit and then clear up... I guess that shows my love for consistency. Kinda feel like curling up in a big hoody and watching a movie or cuddling with my pup... all of which, I'm already doing! :) Here's some of my favorties of the moment...

1. watching lucy dog dream (I wonder what they're always chasing...)
2. eyelashes
3. people smell... how every person has their own personal scent
4. dejavu
5. hummingbirds
6. baby curls
7. hearing the meaning of people's tattoes
8. how refreshing it feels after washing my face in the morning
9. coming home after being away for a while
10. chili's margaritas :)

I took this pic at Jockey's Ridge in OBX last year. The two little dudes are my friends Johnson and Bill. Speaking of OBX, we just started planning our annual trip in January! I'm sooo stoked :)

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