Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been a while....

So terribly sorry about my absence recently. I've been feverishly searching for a job... with little to no success so far. I'd been feeling a bit down on myself about it and just wasn't in the mood to blog. But, no worries! I'm back, and more confident and determind as ever. Now I just have to get back into my routine. :)

Since my little break from the blog world, one of my best friends in the entire world decided to start a blog of her own. Shannon is a tiny fire ball of energy who has recently decided to jet off to the west coast to follow her dreams. She's always been a Cali girl at heart and I'm so proud of her for taking such a big risk! That said, I'm going to miss her terribly. Hopefully her daily posts on her blog Beach Bum's Diaries will help me still feel connected to her despite the fact that she's hundreds of miles away :) love you shanny!

Check it out, pleasssse!
P.S. Here's a few of my fave pics of Shanny & I! As you can see, we're always laughing...
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don't worry, she doesn't wear this shirt by choice. it's her work uniform lol
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on her 21st!
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